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Rabbit Care 

Services for nontraditional pets.

We love rabbits at Star Meadow Animal Clinic! We know rabbits are unique and our goal is to educate you on proper care, husbandry and nutrition to maintain your rabbit’s overall health and wellness. We recommend annual to bi-annual examination of all rabbits. As prey animals, rabbits have a tremendous ability to hide illness from their owners which makes regular examination crucial to your rabbit’s health. Dr. Battiston and her amazing team will expertly handle your rabbit and answer any question you may have about your rabbit’s health, behavioral and nutritional needs. 


Rabbit Veterinary Services include: 


• Comprehensive wellness and sick examinations 


• Treatment and management of acute and chronic medical conditions 


• Surgery including Ovariohysterectomy and Castration • Diagnosis and management of dental disease 


• Analgesia and long-term pain control 


• Nasolacrimal and deep ear flushing 


• Ophthalmology 


• Laser therapy 


• Microchip implantation 


• Behavioral coaching 


• Full Reiki Services


If you have questions about how we can help you best care for your pocket pet, call us at (860) 677-4638 to schedule a consultation.

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